5 Questions You Should Ask a SEO Expert Services

Its time to a hire SEO expert services when you type in your website’s name on Google search or any search engine and it doesn’t shows up on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. If it doesn’t appear on the first page, it might be the case that your target customers don’t even know your company exists. To guide you in this process, here are 5 questions you should be asking SEO experts that you wish to hire:
Ask SEO Consultants

1. Can I get a list of your current and past clients?

Getting that list is crucial in knowing that you’re in good hands. Good SEO expert services are hard to find nowadays which is why you need to do some background checks first. Look at their clientele list and search Google if any of these clients fare well in the first page. If not, then you’d probably have to swipe left.

2. What’s your proposal on how to improve my search page rankings?

Any good SEO expert services would know what to do with your website. Make sure to get a proposal so prospective SEO consultants can explain in full detail how they envision your brand making it to the top of that online A-list. Read their proposal carefully and check if they can explain their strategies. Don’t forget to ask for a timeline on how long they will take to achieve SEO goals you agreed on.

3. How sure are you that my website will get a top ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

If your candidate-hire SEO expert says “yes,” then you should probably call your next interviewee. According to Fox, it’s almost impossible to guarantee a top ranking on any search engines. Also, be vigilant should your candidate boast of insider connections with Google. History has proven that only the Gods of search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo alone can determine how high or low your website will rank in search engine results.

4. Will you tell me all the changes you wish to make on my site?

Optimizing search engine ranking may sometimes require changes in your site’s coding, structure and/or layout. It’s very important that you know exactly how he plans to mix things up and make sure he/she needs your permission before implementing changes and altering your website’s code. After all, you should be in charge, yeah?

5. Have you had any experience in improving local search results?

This question is important for any website owner who is hiring a prospective SEO expert. This is most especially true for small and start-up businesses that are still taking baby steps in making their product known to the world. The best way to achieve that brand awareness online is to start with your local audience and if the consultant has no experience in that, then don’t waste your bucks and go hire another SEO expert service.

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