6 SEO Questions to Ask an SEO Company

What to ask an SEO Company before you hire them:


Hiring an SEO agency to create a plan to improve your ranking in SERP is not an easy thing to do. You’ll have to ensure that the SEO expert you’re about to employ has all the knowledge needed to execute the best SEO strategies. Here are some of the top questions you should ask before hiring an SEO company.

  • What is your approach to delivering the best results?

The first thing you should ask any SEO engine optimization services Inc. is the approach they follow to provide the expected result clients desire. The best SEO Company must be able to provide different examples for doing technical SEO, local SEO, and Off-page SEO.

  • How long will it take until we can expect results?

The next big question is when to expect results to happen. Effective SEO takes effort and time, but it doesn’t mean that it should take years before it becomes fruitful. SEO experts for hire must be able to give a time-frame for when marketing results could be expected.

On the other hand, if an agency promises an overnight outcome, ask how they plan on achieving that. Unfortunately, some companies are quick to promise, but they don’t have the know-how to actually deliver.

Ask an SEO Company

  • How do you incorporate SEO into your marketing strategies?

SEO planning involves marketing strategies and other activities to promote the website and build links with other influences. Ask whether the agency follows a particular method to naturally blend local SEO into their marketing strategies and find out just how successful their past efforts were.

  • What is your best practice for conducting keyword research?

Keyword research is more than just putting different terms into the search bar. It should contain relevant words that are enough to produce the best content or information that is needed. The SEO specialist you should hire must be able to determine how keyword research works and give the best practices he or she does.

  • What tools do you use?

The digital tools for creating a campaign and analyzing progress are also important. Although you don’t necessarily have to know about the SEO analysis tools the SEO expert’s use, asking them this question could give you more understanding on how the agency operates and if they genuinely know what they’re doing.

  • How do you report on campaign progress?

One of the things you should ask is how the report and maintenance document looks. SEO consultants should be able to provide a sample progress report and what you can expect on a weekly or monthly basis. The report should be detailed with specific goals and strategies.

These are just some of the top questions you should be asking your SEO specialist. But by asking these questions, you’ll be able to assess whether the company can perform or not immediately.

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