7 Tips to Avoid a Google Penalty – By SEO Experts

Manipulating search engine rankings is a no-no for Google – By SEO Experts.

Don’t even think about it because you will eventually get caught. Google has all the tools they need to help them find out whether websites are doing the best practices or not.

So SEO experts and website owners should read Google’s Penalized Webmaster Guidelines not just to improve their search engine rankings but also to avoid getting slapped with a Google penalty. It will take time and money to recover from it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Watch out for these to avoid getting more penalties from Google:

Keyword stuffing

Heavy usage of keywords will get your website in trouble. Google prefers websites with only about 2% keyword density in the content. You will be wasting your time writing high-quality content stuffed with keywords if you get a penalty. What you can do is to get a tool that counts keywords in the website and make sure only have enough.

Unnatural links

Unnatural links are used to manipulate the website’s search engine rankings. Fortunately for you, and bad news for manipulators, Google can already detect unnatural links to and from your website. If you get caught, you might end up being on Page 20 in the search engine rankings. That’s definitely bad for your business.

Cloaking web pages

This happens when there are two different versions of the website: one for the search engine spiders and another version shown to the users. Your website will face serious implications when you get caught.

Duplicate content

Google thinks that your website isn’t that useful if it has duplicate content, so you get a penalty for it. Copying the exact same content from another website will also get you a penalty. Website owners should instead publish unique and high-quality content to improve rankings.

Internal 404s

If you’re the user and you get to an error page, would you still continue to navigate the website? You certainly will not. Google thinks so too. You will get a penalty for it as Google thinks you’re are not able to maintain your website properly and would not be able to give the “searchers” what they are looking for.

Hidden links

Anything that looks suspicious may get a penalty from Google. If your links are hidden, Google would be suspicious. Make the links always visible to the users. Make sure that the links are not the same color with the texts on the page.

Lots of affiliate links

Google supports affiliate links but having too much on the website is a red flag. That only means that you don’t have useful content. Try to also avoid using redirects as affiliate links. Google can spot that too. SEO experts should be able to help you fix this.

SEO Experts

Manipulation is highly discouraged by Google and it will never be tolerated. Although you can still recover from penalties, it will take time for you to be on top of the search engine rankings again. By that time, you’ve already lost some sales for your business. To avoid getting penalized by search engines, just follow the guidelines and hire the right SEO experts.

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