Advanced SEO Techniques to Generate More Traffic

Staying on top of the game especially in the world of online marketing takes more than just raw guts. Google’s constantly changing algorithms makes it necessary to dig deeper in terms of employing SEO techniques that are beyond the basic tips and exercises to improve traffic generation. To help you push through that wall of SEO mediocrity, we’ve listed some tips on SEO for advanced users out there:

SEO For Advanced

  1. SEO Optimized landing pages – whoever thought well-designed pages can improve your lead generation and sales? According to studies, 44% of clicks go straight to a homepage, and not a landing page. While a homepage is one of the most important parts of your website, a landing page is different as it functions not just to introduce your brand but to build a relationship with the reader. Once you’ve designed your landing page, focus all your articles, press releases, email marketing and optimize it to generate a lot of traffic and therefore sales to your landing page.


  1. Know what your audience wants – a lot of knowing what your target audience wants requires using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Quora, Facebook Insight, or the basic figures from your site just to check what kind of posts attract the most visitors. While we’re talking about online apps that can help you know the people’s pulse, you can also check out UberSuggest which helps you see what kind of long-tail keywords people usually search for on Google. Lastly, you should also check your site’s bounce rate. The bounce rate tells you the percentage of users who landed on a certain page, but then left that page without visiting other pages of your site. It’s not a mutually exclusive indicator of success, but in general, it would be nice to see your visitors sticking around for a minute or two.


  1. Audit your website – an SEO audit on your website essentially means looking for what makes your website tick or not. An SEO audit (usually offered by SEO expert services) shows you why your website still goes by unnoticed despite innumerable content and keyword placements. Doing a website audit requires looking at the following:
    1. Check if the pages in your website have optimized meta titles and descriptions
    2. See if your URL structure is optimized for search engines (a.k.a. stop it with long-tail URLs)
    3. Assess your content whether your articles are formatted in a way that’s easily understandable (i.e. divided into headlines, does not use too much sentences per paragraph, etc.)
    4. Input keywords in your images ALT tags
    5. Analyze your website through QuickSprout to see what other issues your need to fix with your website.

Remember that SEO for advanced users is not always a homerun for success. SEO success is more about providing content that’s needed by your target audience. Always remember to listen to what your audience is telling you and produce what they would want to read. Focus on your customers and try out the SEO tips we outlined above – now that’s a recipe for success!

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