Your Business On-the-Go with Mobile SEO

More and more people are accessing the internet using not their laptops or desktops but their mobile devices which make Mobile SEO.

These mobile devices enable them to stay updated anywhere they go, any time of the day. These devices also run on different platforms – Android, iOS and Windows OS, to name a few. Optimizing your website for these platforms is necessary if you want your business to be accessible to your customer’s on-the-go.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

Mobile SEO is the process of making your website suited for viewing across platforms. It is comparable to general website SEO but on a smaller scale. Business owners need to understand that mobile devices would not have the same capabilities as desktops or laptops. An obvious difference would be in terms of screen sizes. These devices vary not only in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of proportions.

Programming and coding skills are necessary to make websites responsive to mobile devices. Although there are software products that can help you do this, having a pro do it for you yields better results. If you do not have in-house web design and development personnel, you should consider hiring experts in mobile optimization.

Mobile Configuration Settings

For mobile SEO, there are three mobile configuration settings to choose from. Remember that each setting has its own pros and cons, so choose the best fit for your needs:

  1. Responsive Web Design – This setting supports the other two settings as well. It is the simplest configuration and responds to the screen sizes. It serves the same HTML code on the same URL which leads to easy implementation.
  2. Dynamic Serving – The URL of the website remains the same in dynamic serving. The HTML content becomes different when accessed from a mobile device.
  3. Separate URLs – This serves different platforms. The configuration detects the kind of device first. It serves a different code and uses separate URLs for the content depending on the device type.

Tips for Effective Mobile SEO Practices

After understanding mobile SEO, designers and companies should keep the following tips in mind when optimizing for mobile devices:

  1. Remove non-vital Flash elements

Flash-supported content can be entertaining and informative. But, a lot of mobile devices do not support it. If your website relies heavily on Flash elements, you must be able to convert it to something supported in smartphones and related devices.

  1. Ensure interactivity

Make sure that the elements are not too close to each other. Make sure that tapping one icon would not cause the other icon to launch as well. Mobile users can get frustrated when this happens. This is especially critical for smaller screens.

  1. Remove mobile pop-ups

Most users find pop-ups annoying. They want instant access to the information. It’s a turn off when a pop-up ad covers the entire screen before they can access the information on the page they are accessing. Minimize the number of pop-ups on your mobile sites to improve your interactive experience and satisfaction rate.

  1. Provide the same content

The size limitation should not affect the content of your website. Your customers should be able to access the same information whether they are using a desktop or a mobile device.

  1. Redirect to the proper site

When redirecting, make sure that your link truly works in directing your visitors to the right site. If not, your visitors could stop going to your site and look elsewhere for the information or products and services that they are looking for.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is definitely a must today if you want to constantly be connected with your customers and target market wherever they are and whenever they need you. Not doing so would mean missing out on all the opportunities for you to do business with the vast number of people using their mobile devices to purchase products, avail of services, and patronize business establishments.

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