Differences between SEO Experts and Marketing Novices

As more and more people turn to the internet to search for things such as the best restaurants, online shopping, and product reviews, SEO experts are similarly becoming more in demand. With a little creativity and some capital, anyone can create a website, but not anyone can make that page rank.

Online businesses constantly need to vie for the first page in search engine results and this often means optimizing their content and pages in order to better cater to search engine algorithms. An SEO expert will be able to address you issues and help your page earn more and rise in the rankings.

Due to the great demand, many people often end up calling themselves as experts in search engine optimization despite only having a grasp of the basics. In order to help you separate the novice search marketers from the true experts, listed below are the traits that a true SEO expert should possess.

Heavyweight Clients and Contacts

SEO experts would be able to list down at least a handful or possibly even more recognizable brands and names in their client list whereas a novice would not likely be able to give any big names. The web presence of these clients would be able to validate the competence of the SEO consultant.

Likewise, SEO experts would be able to share the connections and relationships that they have forged throughout the years. These can include affiliations with advertising firms and other well-known SEO consultants.

SEO Experts

Diagnostic Approach

As previously mentioned, novice marketers often rely on the basics when they make their SEO campaign proposals. They will mention the importance of keywords, link building, etc. On the other hand, an SEO expert will be able to diagnose the flaws and weaknesses of either your proposed or existing website and provide more targeted solutions. These solutions can include integrating analytics and testing, creating a more targeted customer profile, and improving the web interface and user experience.

Choosing the Right Client

A novice search marketer is likely young and is living from one paycheck to the next. He will accept almost any client that will come his way as long as they agree to his payment terms and can pay on time.

Conversely, an SEO expert will be pickier when it comes to the clients that they choose to work with. They can easily tell the chances of success for a client’s campaign regardless of whether they have worked in that industry or not. They will only go for clients that are worthwhile and are worthy of their skills.

Integrate the Offline Experience

Though search engine optimization is primarily focused on the online experience, an SEO expert will be able to seamlessly integrate his campaign to the offline world. An offline campaign can involve TV or radio advertisements and linking these ads with an online URL that can be tracked. The additional exposure that these offline ads can provide will eventually translate to online web traffic if done correctly.

The goal of optimization should not only be to rank high in the search results pages. Equally important is to make sure that the visitors doing the search actually make their way to your site and turn into paying customers. SEO experts should be able to ensure this for you as this is the kind of results that will give your profit levels a boost.

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