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Business owners should know how important it is to use local SEO in their marketing campaigns. The goal is to drive higher volumes of traffic to your site using local search. If you haven’t heard of Google Local SEO, it’s time to get acquainted with this new tool so you can use it in your SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Experts’ Newest Online Marketing Tool

Google Local SEO is a new system that is designed to align all important information about a business such as name, website, address, contact number, services, office hours, local directories, social media profiles, and the My Business web page. It optimizes business websites to reach a specific audience and targets quality leads for higher conversions.

This tool integrates other apps like Google Maps and Google Places. These are helpful in locating and getting directions to your physical store or business location. When people find your business online through a search, they will also see a tab on the right side of search results that displays all the pertinent information about your business including your address, contact information, a short background, and a map that shows exactly where you are located.

Google is currently the best place for people who are looking to find products and services. Every day, there are about 3.5 billion searches made by internet users. On the average, 97 percent of consumers search for local companies online. With paid and organic searches, Google can significantly affect customer traffic as well as brand awareness.

Why Google Local SEO Is Helpful to Local Businesses


Google Places helps consumers find businesses within their vicinity where they can get what they need. With Google Local, you can get your business verified with Google Places. This means that Google trusts that your website is legitimate so customers can be confident that you can provide the products and services that you say you offer.

Google Local SEO

Businesses can rank themselves on Google Local results by building a strong online presence. You can use Google Places to get listed on Google Maps and show details about your online shop to local customers. Local SEO services are essential in boosting mobile traffic and enhancing exposure to the right audience.

Remember too that your target market could be searching for your business using their mobile devices on-the-go, usually at a time when they already need your products and services. You want to be there right at that moment, ready to serve their needs.

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