SEO is not an exact science, there are quite a few books on the subject and there is no end to information on the topic on the web, but the simple truth is that professionals are probably not going to disclose their secrets as they allow them to stay above others and once they are published they can apply them and the competitive advantage will be broken. However, there are some basic SEO principles that are all agreed upon. The first step in running a SEO is pretty simple and probably you've already done it - creating an effective website full of relevant and up-to-date information your clientele wants to see. Building an optimal site for your target audience is actually building an optimal search engine site. In the next step of SEO, it is important to focus on the search words and try to find the words that the target audience of the site is searching for, your business name, location, and a few phrases that describe the domain the site is about are a good place to start. It's important to check that those keywords appear in the site's content in logical places. It is likely that SEO driven Keywords without having a website presence will not lead to results but it is not advisable to overload the site with keywords, such overload is not perceived as positive by the surfers and therefore not for the search engines. Another thing that will make your site promotion efforts easier is to make sure that every title tag on each page contains the business name as well as a number of keywords. This should be done logically without forcing the keywords on the text. One of the most important things in running a website is the links, for starters it is important to find links to other sites that can benefit the site to the site and at the same time to try and ask them to post a link to your site as well for the benefit of their customers. Another basic step that can be done is to frequently update the site with new content, keeping such updates helpful to users and perceived as highly positive by the search engines, however duplication of content is seen as a very negative SEO technique. Beyond all that being said, In the past, SEO tactics were used today that are seen to be reversed - transparent text, irrelevant content, irrelevant link loads. These have all gone through the world of website promotion, which makes the practice of running a website more complex and cleaner.
Fay Gutman
SEO expert


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