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Although it has often been said that content is key, creating good content is not the most valuable of mobile SEO tips. Instead, it is the user experience that is the most crucial factor that you should focus on when it comes to optimizing your content for mobile use. Listed below are some tips and solutions that will help you improve your mobile SEO skills.

Pleasing the User

Mobile users need and want content in the easiest and fastest way possible. This is why you should ensure that your site can load quickly regardless of where in the world it is being accessed. Likewise, a fast loading website will rank and convert much better in Google’s search engines. Aside from Google’s own speed tool, some of the other websites that you can use to test your website’s loading speed are Pingdom and GTmetrix.

Compress Your Files

Though it might seem as though you are compromising the quality of your files, reducing the sizes of your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files will eventually speed up page loading times and increase web traffic. Two of the best software applications that you can use to compress your files are Gzip and HTML Compressor.

Practice Minification

Minification is one of the mobile SEO tips that are often neglected but are very valuable. It involves removing unnecessary characters, comments, and unused code from a main source code without altering its actual functionality.

While this process is usually done on JavaScript codes, it can also be done on CSS files. JavaScript minifier and CSS minifier are just two examples of the many free online tools that you can use to minify your code.

Mobile SEO Tips


Optimize Your Images

While crisp and clear images are often equated with large and storage heavy files, there is still a way to optimize images for mobile content without compromising quality. Likewise, bigger images often cause pages to lag and negatively affect page loading speed.

Instead of filling your pages with large video files and GIF files, make your images more digestible by saving them in smaller formats. JPEG and PNG are two of the best image formats to use for mobile content.

Reduce Requests and Redirects

You should also make sure that your website will not end up creating multiple server requests each time a separate page or image loads.  Saving more of your bandwidth will help you increase your site loading speed.

Similarly, optimize your page so that one page will not need to redirect to another page. This process only makes the waiting time longer and might even cause multiple pop-ups to appear on the user’s screen.

Change Your Host

In some cases, the issue of mobile optimization might not be due to your own shortcomings. It could be that your hosting provider is simply not reliable and efficient enough to accommodate your needs. It might be better if your simply transfer to another hosting provider that can give you better service.  Search the internet for the best host for what you needs require.

Following these mobile SEO tips might just save you a considerable amount of grief and wasted time if done on ineffective practices and unnecessary processes.

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