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The general idea of ​​promoting a website is to be number one in search results and even appear on the first page of search engines.

Many hypotheses about the nature of the algorithm (any computational method) of search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing, the topics that all the world’s promoters seem to agree on as key factors in website promotion are:
  • Seniority of the site
  • Frequency of updating the site and adding content
  • Frequency of changing the links on the page
  • The quality of the code and the content of the site
  • Frequency of site login through search engine
  • Time spent browsing the site
  • The number of pages the visitor visits
  • The old methods – On-Site Factor and Off-Site Factor
  • Also, the new algorithm does not appear to be affected by search engine manipulation methods, such as inserting incorrect information into the site’s meta tags.
What is Google?

Google is a search engine owned by Google. It is the most popular search engine today on the Internet [2], which handles hundreds of millions of content search requests every day and attracts hundreds of millions of visitors [3]. The search engine name (and company name) is a jumble of the word gogol which represents the number 10 in the 100th (digit 1 followed by a hundred zeros), suggesting that the search engine can handle massive amounts of information.

The search engine algorithm was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997. The algorithm is called PageRank and ranks the order of page appearance according to the amount of pages linked to it.

Google today is the world’s largest and most powerful search engine and provides information to hundreds of millions of users a day by keywords for a stunning range of sites.
Google as a search engine holds most of the information of all the accessible sites in the world in its databases and displays search results according to a variety of systems that tailor and match information to a search request (query)
Article SEO is the best and most appropriate method for a business owner who wants and wants to promote their site in a healthy way and avoid unnecessary penalties from search engines such as Google for using incorrect methods.

Research shows that as the topic of the article gets closer to the topic promoted by Google and the other search engines, it gives high priority and privilege to the same link coming from the article page to the business website.

The same links should serve as a major anchor through articles as wide as possible.

123SEO has set itself the goal of helping businesses promote themselves through articles in the highest quality and professional terms and prevent sites from falling into the search engine when the promotion is stopped.

Many promoters work with methods called BLACKHAT that bombard Google incorrectly with inappropriate links and many forums that can be deleted at any given moment and disappear all links to the client site and thus lose the promotion done for it.

The use of site promotion at 123SEO is built-in and uses many Google-related tools such as:
Google Analytics
Google Webmasters Tools

With other tools we will help the customer find the right words for your site and the best content for your site.

Activities such as “word research”, text checking and code level are a small part of the 123SEO tests carried out on the requested site and even submits a report / review of the required changes in the customer’s system.

123SEO also works closely with the website building company “Africom Systems” for help And building clients who do not have their own site or do not have a dynamic site management system that allows them to make changes immediately and without prior knowledge.

Google Analytics (Google Analytics) – Options and Uses

Google Analytics (Google Analytics) is an advanced statistical tool that can provide comprehensive and professional answers to many questions that arise in the site management process. Google Analytics is a free and easy-to-use tool.
Google Analytics has many other benefits – most of which are a number of powerful statistics tools.
Among other things, Google Analytics allows you to:

– Identify the number of visitors by search engines / keywords
– Identify a source of referral URLs / mailboxes
– Find out which browsers your visitors use
– Find a geographic area by city level
– Identify Most viewed / less viewed pages and generally giving views information
– Identify exit pages
– Display Bounce Rate – Sign-in / check-out mode (detailed below)
– View data about returning or unique users on the site
– View temporary page per page
– Compare data for different time periods

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