The Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an online marketing discipline that is seldom talked about but knowing a thing or two about it definitely won’t hurt and will decidedly boost your online marketing campaign. To walk you through this relatively new terrain in the online marketing world, we’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions when we talk about mobile marketing:

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing involves a marketing strategy that targets people who constantly use their mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, among others. It uses online channels such as apps, social media, websites, email and even SMS and MMS.

Mobile Marketing

Why is mobile marketing important?

With the advent of high-performing mobile devices, smartphones can now do what a desktop computer can – from reading your emails or surfing the web, all of it can be accessed through a mobile gadget. And with 80% of all internet users owning a smartphones, mobile marketing becomes a jackpot for any online marketer who succeeds in their campaign. In addition, it might well be the future of marketing as a whole – according to Google’s estimates, search queries made via mobile devices surpassed desktop searches by the end of 2015.

How do I create my own mobile marketing strategy?


  1. Understand your audience – Answering this question might require a whole new topic, but just to give you an idea, any marketing strategy requires you to understand what your target audience wants and what they are interested in. Mobile technology has made a name from extensive use of personalization and customization based on users’ preferences which means you’ll have to take that into account when creating your own mobile marketing strategy.
  2. Set your goals – As with any marketing strategy, one has to visualize what success looks like. Set your goals and define goalposts or indicators that tell you that you’re going on the right track. Some of the best key performance indicators (KPIs) include engagement, acquisition, customer service among other data that point you to the right direction.
  3. Monitor your performance – Key to any marketing campaign is monitoring. You need to know how well you’re doing in terms of how engaged your audience is to your content, how much traffic your site is generating and how much of this traffic is converting into actual sales.
  4. Mobile-responsive Site – Especially when your target audience uses smartphones and tablets, you’ll have to re-structure your site so it adapts to smaller screens and not just in desktops and laptops.


There’s a lot more to mobile marketing you can learn from, but we hope this guide can help you start and think about a strategy.

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