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Ranking to the top of search engine results is a goal that everyone strives for.

SEO Penalization we help fix.

It may be hard to achieve with new content being uploaded on the internet every day, but is not an impossible dream. This goal is achievable with the help of your local SEO consultant experts and SEO penalization expert.

SEO experts in penalization will help ensure that your website has not committed any violations that are included in the guidelines from Google and other search engines. They keep your site squeaky clean so you can continue doing business online without a hitch.

New information about online penalties are released almost every day. Your SEO penalization expert must know all of them to prove that they really know what they are doing. Some of these things are:

  1. Hidden links – this black-hat SEO practice puts links within the content then color the content in the same color as the background so it seems invisible. Seems harmless enough, but doing this is something that you can get penalized for.
  2. Scrapping – also known in the world of writing as plagiarism, this is the act of copying content from another website and posting it as your own. If you really don’t have any new content to upload, just keep it as is and work at creating your own new content. Keep writing but make sure they’re all original.
  3. Hidden texts – similar to hidden links, words can be hidden or camouflaged in the background. These are mostly the keywords or other important words that people search for. The words are incorporated into the content and are formatted in the same color as the background to make them ‘invisible.’
  4. Keyword stuffing – mention your keyword enough number of times and you could get more traffic for your website easily. Mentioning keywords more than necessary can earn you a penalty. Don’t stuff your content with too much of the same words, otherwise you can be penalized.
  5. Spamming comments section – putting links in your comments, commenting like there’s no tomorrow, these are examples of spam in the comment section. Make sure to comment when necessary and don’ t overdo it. You will only succeed in looking like you’re trying too hard to show that your site has more engagements.

SEO Penalization

These local SEO guide tips to the different penalties should tell you what things you should be avoiding in order to keep your website active and not blocked. Make sure to find out if the person you are hiring knows all of these before hiring them or fire your current penalty expert for not keeping up with the latest rules.

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